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As Australia's national sports charity, the Australian Sports Foundation is the only organisation to which donations for sport are tax-deductible

If you are a Public or Private Ancillary Fund (together, PAFs) that includes community health (physical or mental) and social inclusion among your cause areas, then you will know that community sport is a powerful tool to achieve these objectives.

The Australian Sports Foundation Charitable Fund (ASFCF) is registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission, and is also a Deductible Gift Recipient. ASFCF can receive distributions from PAFs and channel them to help sports clubs improve physical or mental health or promote social inclusion within their communities.

Please contact our Head of Philanthropy, Courtney Henry to discuss your focus areas and how a distribution can most effectively be made.

Information for Public and Private Ancillary Funds

Information for Charities

Many charities have cause areas where community sport can be a positive force for social change. Examples include support for marginalised or disadvantaged communities – including indigenous, CALD or disability groups – or charities seeking to improve physical or mental health.

In particular there is now growing recognition of the role that the physical activity and social engagement provided through community sport can have on improving mental health and reducing levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

If your charity operates in these areas and shares our concerns about the social impact of losing thousands of community sports clubs, please contact our CEO, Patrick Walker and explore ways we may collaborate.

Australian businesses increasingly recognise that they have roots in the communities where their customers and employees reside, and that they have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to invest in strengthening those communities. Sport is at the heart of every Australian community, and is part of the fabric of Australian life. The Australian Sports Foundation is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and can receive CSR donations and channel them to help community clubs in need.

If you would like to explore a partnership where your business helps address this national crisis, please contact our CEO, Patrick Walker for a discussion.

If you would like to explore a commercial partnership based on helping thousands of clubs in every community in Australia, please contact our National Partnerships Director, Ryan Holloway for a discussion.

Information for Australian businesses

State Governments and local Councils have a commitment to active, healthy and cohesive communities, and all are deeply involved in the delivery of sport, including through infrastructure, grants and other measures.

By working with the Australian Sports Foundation any support you may be planning to provide to help clubs in need in your jurisdiction could potentially be leveraged and targeted.

Please contact our CEO, Patrick Walker to discuss how we may collaborate to better support community sport in your State or region.

Information for Australian Governments

If you are an Australian who cares deeply about the importance of sport to our communities

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us address this crisis.

Funds raised will be channeled to community clubs in need through our Grant programs and we will update you on impact and outcomes achieved.

Alternatively, contact our Head of Philanthropy, Courtney Henry if you would like to discuss focusing any gift on specific sports or communities.

Help community clubs survive and recover by donating to the Australian Sports Foundation today.


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