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Together with the support of various stakeholders we can solve the community sports crisis and assist our Australian athletes by providing the funds they need to reach their goals and represent our country on the world’s stage.

The Australian Sports Foundation seeks to work with all who can contribute in some way to support community sports and athletes.

Private and Public Ancillary Funds, Trusts or Foundations that have an interest in community health and athlete support, wellbeing and inclusion, can distribute funds to this campaign via our Charitable Trust, and we can direct it to promote the relevant charitable sporting purpose.

Please contact our National Partnerships Director, Ryan Holloway (ryan@sportsfoundation.org.au) if you would like to know more.

Ancillary Funds, Trusts or Foundations

Support could take many forms, including in-kind support, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) donations, or commercial partnerships.

Businesses who may wish to contribute support should contact our National Partnerships Director, Ryan Holloway (ryan@sportsfoundation.org.au).


Charities with an interest in physical or mental health – either nationally or in a particular region - may wish to explore collaboration opportunities to achieve greater impact.

Please contact our CEO Patrick Walker (patrick@sportsfoundation.org.au) to arrange an exploratory discussion.


And of course, State and local Governments are intimately involved with the delivery of sport in their communities, and are already doing much to support local clubs in need. We would be delighted to discuss club requirements in any particular geography, and to work together to help get assistance to those in need.

Please contact our CEO Patrick Walker (patrick@sportsfoundation.org.au) to explore further.

State and local Governments

We call on all who care about Australian athletes and community sport, and all who can contribute to its survival to join with us.

If you would like to help us help Australia’s elite athletes and community sports clubs survive the impact of COVID-19 please make a tax-deductible donation today.

While we cannot solve the problem alone, we passionately believe in the value of community sport, and we will lead the charge to fight for its survival.

What's the Australian Sports Foundation's role in this?

As the peak body for philanthropy in sport, the Australian Sports Foundation is the only organisation that can provide tax-deductible options for private individuals or businesses wishing to make a donation to help athletes and community sport. In addition our charity status enables ancillary funds, trusts and foundations to support athletes and community sports and the many physical and mental health benefits they bring.

The Australian Sports Foundation has been distributing funding directly to athletes and community sports for decades and has the experience to ensure funding is quickly dispensed where it is needed most.

Help athletes and community clubs recover by donating to the Australian Sports Foundation today.


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